Moving to Perth; How to Survive

“That must be delighting, living abroad with your husband!” Lately, I often hear such statements. Actually, for me who likes adventure, move from one city to another one is a nice thing. Six months since I was married, I have followed my husband living in Jakarta, without preparation because the placement from LPDP was just notified a week before departure. Is it fun? Not if you’re not used to sudden changes.

We do not have fixed assets yet after marriage; then a sudden move is not a big problem for us. However, the ability to adapt and manage finances after moving is obviously a test for me, as my husband has to stop working for this Language enrichment program. We are totally dependent on scholarships that are reserved for just one person. Choosing an appropriate flat for our budget with complete facilities and located near campus was the first challenge for me as a household financial holder. Moreover, Jakarta is famous for its high living costs and expensive residences.

The first criterion of the flat on my list was the existence of the kitchen. We lived in a flat that does not provide a kitchen before; it cost a lot of money to buy food. But it was quite difficult to find a flat with kitchen facilities around the campus, my husband and I strolled around and got nothing. I almost gave up searching for a new flat, but then remembered that today’s technological sophistication could make our search easier.

During this time, I’ve often shopped online, though limited to fashion shopping only. In fact, nowadays e-commerce sites are not only engaged in the sale and purchase of goods but also the sale and purchase of services. Finally, I decided to do a flat search by using e-commerce provider of flat and apartment information in Jakarta. I spent quite long time to surf in search engines until finally, a flat ad attracted my attention. A room with super complete facilities and kitchen, located close to the campus, and certainly fit our budget.

After contacting the contact person listed, we conducted a direct survey to the flat. Finally, we decided to move to the flat. Although it was more expensive than previous flat, my calculation was not wrong because we can save more after moving.

Our experience in Jakarta is a meaningless lesson for me. Before moving to Perth, I conducted many surveys via the internet to save on spending while staying there. Unlike when I moved to Jakarta where I can still carry a lot of goods while moving, when moving to Perth I can only bring clothes and shoes because of limited luggage.

Then, to complete the goods when moving to Perth, I chose to shop online rather than go to the shopping center. The consideration is my pregnant condition that makes me get tired easily while walking, also the freedom to compare prices when shopping online. Almost all the needs while in Perth, I fill with online shopping, whether the needs of the kitchen, fashion, to drugs.

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